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D Series Duplex Pump Systems

The following is a suggested specification:


A.      Provide and install a factory assembled "Packaged" Duplex Fuel Oil Pump Set. The set shall have all components mounted on a steel base support fabricated of 3/16" steel plate with 3" steel side rails sealed to form a containment basin with 1/2" NPT plugged drain connection. Containment basin shall encompass the entire perimeter of the duplex pump set and no components or factory piping shall overhang. Pipe shall be schedule 40, ASTM Grade A-53 black steel pipe with A-105 forged steel socket welded fittings and A-105 150# forged steel flanges. Systems assembled with threaded fittings and unions will not be acceptable. Provide a leak sensor in the pump set containment basin to shut off the pumps and energize an audible and visual alarm should a leak be detected. The level sensor shall be a normally closed float switch with covering shroud to protect switch from damage or accidental tripping. System shall be D series as manufactured by Phillips Fuel Systems, Bridgeport Ct., (203-908-3323) with options listed or approved equal.

B.     Provide one Phillips series MOD 72 UL listed (1) duplex oil strainer, sized to produced less than 1/2 PSI pressure drop, through a clean brass strainer basket with the maximum anticipated flow. Strainer shall be of one-piece cast iron and come complete with level wrench handle. A differential pressure gauge shall be shall be provided to monitor strainer basket cleanliness shall include visual indication of clean, change required and dirty strainer.

C.    Provide two (2) Phillips GP series direct coupled fuel oil pumps with ductile iron housing and self adjusting mechanical viton seals, each with a capacity of not less than ___ GPH @ __ PSIG discharge pressure when operating with No. 2 oil. Each pump shall be close coupled to not less than a ___ HP, 1725 RPM totally enclosed fan cooled motor, capable of operating on ___ volts, __ phase, 60 HZ electrical service.

D.    Provide two (2) external bronze body fuel oil pump relief valves in each pump discharge line sized to relieve full flow of the pump without causing the pump motor to overload or any component's pressure rating to be exceeded if the discharge is inadvertently shut off. Valves shall be piped from the system to the return line in the field according to NFPA 30.  Pumps with internal relief valves are not recommended.

E.    Provide “bubble tight” bronze body in-line check valves on the suction and discharge side of each pump.

F.     Carbon steel ball valves, class 150 flanged, shall be provided on both the suction and discharge of each pump to provide pump isolation for service. Valve shall include lockable handle so a padlock can be applied to prevent accidental closing or opening if pump is removed from service.

G.      A (2) 4" compound gauge shall be provided on the suction and discharge side of the duplex strainer. Gauge shall be liquid filled to dampen pulsation, with bright finish stainless steel case, brass movement, and bronze bourbon tube.  Gauge shall read 30" vacuum - 30 psig and shall be mounted with isolation ball valve.

H.      A 4" dial pressure gauges to be placed on discharge side of each pump.  The gauges shall be liquid filled to dampen pulsation, have bright finished stainless steel case, brass movement and bronze bourbon tube. Gauge range shall be based on the fuel oil system operating pressure and shall be mounted with isolation ball valves.

I.       Provide a Phillips FL series time delayed flow sensing switch on the discharge of the pump set to bring on the lag pump should the lead pump fail to maintain flow.  Flow switch shall be piston type operated to actuate a single double throw snap switch. Switch will be wired back to the main control cabinet for alarm and annunciation for lead pump failure.

J.     Install in the oil return line a Phillips RVI series back-pressure regulating valve with viton diaphragm and disc, to maintain a __ to __ PSI pressure range.

K.     Provide where shown in the fuel oil supply line Phillips HFMS series quick closing, spring loaded lever gate fire valves with fusible link arranged so that the valve will automatically close if the link melts or if the valve shall receives a normally open switch closure from a thermally actuated fire indicating safety switch. Valve shall be equipped with an end switch to interface with the fuel oil management system.

L.     Provide pump set mounted system control cabinet with fused main disconnect switch to monitor and control the fuel oil delivery system in response to system demand.  Cabinet must be labeled as conforming to UL508A and shall be completely pre-wired, tested and shipped as an integrated system to insure jobsite reliability. Control strategy shall be microprocessor based and utilize a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Relay logic is not acceptable. Cabinet enclosure shall be constructed of a minimum of 14-gauge steel, continuously welded and constructed to NEMA 3R standards.  Cabinet interior and exterior shall be primed and finished in durable chemical resistant enamel suitable for industrial environments. PLC shall have sufficient I/O to accomplish all necessary control functions.  The control strategy shall be burned into an EPROM at the factory, and shall be safeguarded against re-configuration by un-authorized / un-qualified personnel. Each pump shall be capable of manual operation in the event of a controller failure.  Cabinet shall consist of but not be limited to the following:

- Microprocessor based PLC with automatic pump alternation mode selection

- Self-protected magnetic motor starters with adjustable overload protection

- Manual-Off-Auto illuminated mode selector switch for each pump

- Alarm silence / system reset push-button

- Alarm buzzer

- Control logic to engage pump set from a multiple dry contact input for remote Start-Stop

- Control logic to start lag pump if lead pump fails to establish or maintain flow in loop

- Back-lit 4 line LCD display factory programmed for system status and alarm display

- Discrete general alarm output dry contact to interface with the building management system

- Direct modbus protocol communication ports. 


The control system shall automatically energize the lead pump at a time period as set by the system operator (1-24 hours) to verify suction piping integrity, pump prime and verify pump operation.  Each pump shall be engaged and if either lead or lag pump fails any of these tests, the control system shall generate an audible and visual alarm to indicate a flow lost condition. 

 The system controller shall include a LCD display for pump set status, alarm listings, and trouble shooting functions. The display page shall be provided for viewing the most recent alarms/events with each event and alarm condition time and date stamped. The control system shall monitor or annunciate the following: Pump elapsed run time (each); Pump set leak; Pump flow failure (each); Containment piping leak; Clean Strainer basket; Fuse valve closed; Main Tank Leak; Main Tank Low Level; Main Tank High Level; Emergency Shut Down; Pump Overload Trip; Fire Valve Closed; Pump Not-In-Auto