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T Series Duplex Pump Systems

Standard controls per UL508A include:

  • NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Door mounted fused disconnect switch with interlock
  • Fused control transformers (208, 230 & 460 Volt systems)
  • Integral motor starters with adjustable overload
  • Microprocessor based PLC with automatic pump alternation and self-priming system test
  • Manual-Off-Auto illuminated mode selector switches
  • Alarm silence / System reset push-button
  • Alarm buzzer
  • Control logic to engage pump set from a multiple dry contact input for remote Start-Stop from boiler(s) or day tank(s)
  • Back-lit 4 line LCD display for system status and alarm display
  • Discrete general alarm output dry contact
  • Direct modbus protocol communication ports

Our standard controller includes a LCD display for pump set status, alarm listings, and trouble shooting functions. The display page provides for viewing the most recent alarms / events with each event and alarm condition time and date stamped.

Standard status & alarms:

  • Pump elapsed run time
  • Pump set leak
  • Pump flow failure
  • Containment piping leak
  • Clean strainer basket
  • Main tank leak
  • Main tank low level
  • Emergency shut down
  • Pump overload trip
  • Fusible linked fire valve closed
  • Pump not-in-auto

Our More Popular Options
Option 1101 Additional 4"  Compound Vac-Pressure Gauge with isolation ball valve before strainer
Option 1258 Pump discharge flow switch with flow loss alarm indication and automatic lag pump start
Option 1264 Differential Pressure Gauge with tri-colored scale, magnetic reed switch and clean strainer warning display
Option 1490 Explosion proof motor in lieu of standard TEFC, single phase
Option 1494 Explosion proof motor in lieu of standard TEFC, three phase

At Phillips we are experts at manufacturing systems that meet our customer's requirements. Contact us if your project requires additional design options.